Good Thing

Matt Powell

Bridget was a sweetheart with greek letters round her neck on a chain.
She wasn't really my type, but she was beautiful, and im kinda vain.
Her mind was closed like a liquor store on Sunday,
She was tryin to make her ex-boyfriend mad...i was kind of a rebound.
That's ok. She's married with a kid on the way.
Im glad i didnt stand in the way, of a good thing.

Shelby was a stripper, a damn good mechanic and a friend.
She used to pick me up in her 64 and take me places i'd never been.
She drank vodka on the rocks with a tall glass
Chased with cocaine and her teenage girlfriends.
I couldn't change her, thats ok.
She's livin with a girl named Rene.
Somewhere just outside of Frisco.
Thats a good thing.

Alice was a bartender at a place i used to play for a while.
The girls didn't like her, she'd get $20 tips with her smile.
I used to talk and try and get in her head,
But we'd just end up drunk in my bed.
I never knew her, thats ok.
She's in Vegas makin 5 bills a day.
She said i wasnt too much fun when i was sober
She's got a good thing.

Here's to the lady, whose name it hurts me to say
She was the proverbial one that got away.
She said life is all a young girl has
And i cant find mine while im livin yours
I dont blame her, its ok.
She's married with a kid and a kid on the way
Her little boys got the same name as me (alternate version)
and thats a good thing.
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