Matt Wertz

What ya wanna do about this thing
Careful with that game you're tryin' to bring, yeah

I'm tryin so hard to ignore,
but all of by thoughts seem to fall
around you

And the subtleties you start to sing
Like I don't care about the songs you sing
And how I can't take this anymore
I've never seen your type before

Heartbreaker it just feels like somethin's goin on (x2)

I'm not like the other guys you see
Need to handle me so gently

Putting my heart out on the line
to see if its safety's on your mind

Heartbreaker it just feels like somethin's goin on (x2)


Heartbreaker, it just fees like somethin's goin on (x2)

Broke my heart, broke my mind
Girl you done broke me down inside
Broke my name, broke my will
and I can't believe I love you still
Can't go by, can't move on
Any other girl I see is long gone
Don't know what to do, can't get over you

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