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Nocturnal Pedigree

May Result


Nourish the beast
By the wandering lucid sky
Invoking the system

Slavery citadelled heart
In armaggeddon-like dimension
Neutralized in molecular dark
Nocturnal shade beyond the life

Spectral crystal darkness
Mournful cave a wisdom play
Poet blasphemy, alchemy
The black crystal pedigree

Journey into heaven's jest
Gloating by the jingle's hell
Reached crystal,power-death
The blood bounds near to devil's aim

It breaks the system
By the nocturnal, flicker star
And breeds the pedigree
By the dimension of glowing sign

Ravens: grant 'em to grasp
Ravens: grant 'em to grasp

Captured wisdom holy soiled
By the black eyes
Which are like a crystal
In thy flesh nocturnal
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