Thank U (translation)

Mc Mong

The raindrops fall on the street, the wind blows and the scars on my soul are hidden by my tears falling
I'm always waiting for someone in this cold. I'm always drinking to overcome this sadness

All of a sudden I see people with warm hearts; maybe some of them really care about me?
Did someone believe in me because they care? I couldn't breathe in this lifeless cycle I call my life

I was frustrated, I started to hate myself. I was so lonely so there were so many tears
But now I don't cry because I'm not alone. I have too many people that I have to take care of.

Yo, all my friends that I love, you mean so much to me! All my family that I love, you mean so much to me!
Yo, all my fans that I love, you mean so much to me! Since all of you are out there I gain strength in myself.

Hey, my loving fans, my family, my friends don't cry, for me
Hold back your tears and fly high. Since all of you are out there, I promise I'll be there for you *

You'll always be beside me. Even if you don't know me, believe in me
As much as you scream for me and as much as you love me, share it with others.. let me be thankful by calling you my fans

Thank you (thank you) I'm so thankful that you guys are here for me
Thank you (thank you) I'm sorry that I can only express my thanks with these words

Oh my brothers, my dear friends, you're so loyal and you gave me my smiles
If you ever get tired, come to me. We'll have a bottle of beer and I'll give you my full trust and strength

You're so dear (You're so dear) You're so dear (in the end) when you call on me for help
You're so dear (You're so dear) You're so dear (like that) my future is bright and sure
Because I have my friends

* Repeat

When the rain stops falling, I can only give you happiness
When this song is almost over, you can enjoy yourself

* Repeat
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