Here's to Love

Ewan Mcgregor

*Catcher:Barbra I'd like to propose a toast to the topic i dig the most.
*Barbra:Catch let me dust off my loving cup.
*Both:Hey bartender! Fill 'er up!
*Barbra:Look how the neon stars to flicker.
*Catcher:Love's like a shot but works much quicker.
*Barbra:And you're a man who can hold his liquor.
*Both:Cheers, here's to love!
*Barbra:I'm an old fashioned and you're the cherry.
*Catcher:I've got a thirst that's legendary
*Barbra:That's why I fired your secretary.
*Both:Cheers, here's to love!*Catcher:Life's a martini
*Barbra:And you're the shaker
*Catcher:and baby I sure packed a punch!
*Barbra:Hey! Ya' Make Dean Martin look like a quaker
*Catcher:Now it's only you for dinner
*Catcher:And lunch!I hear the march that's calling for us
*Barbra:We'll walk down the aisle to an angel's chorus
*Catcher:I'll be your Rock if you'll be my Doris
*Both:Sweet heavens above!
*Barbra:Why is the waiter smiling at us?
*Catcher:He knows what we're thinkin' of! Oh, can the tears!
*Both:Cheers! Baby here's to love!
*Barbra:You've got the lips to wet my whistle
*Catcher:If that doesn't catch ya', maybe this'll
*Barbra:Cupid just launched a guided missile
*Both:Cheers here's to love!
*Barbra:Your eyes are so intoxicating
*Catcher:Bottoms up babe. Let's get to mating
*Barbra:I bet it bears reiterating!
*Both:Cheers here's to love!Though it aint new years pop the champaigne, and let's take a spin on the floor!
*Catcher:Your moves are good!
*Barbra:I'm feelin' no pain!
*Both:So let's pay the check and slip out the back door!We took Manhattan without the bitters! We're stayin' put last call for quitters! Soon it will be just babysitters!
*Catcher:'Cause this hawk's now a dove!Baby the cab is blowin' its horn!Barbra:But I can't find my hat and my gloves!
*Catcher:Oh, can the tears!
*Both:Cheers! Baby here's to love!
*Catcher[Spoken]:Here's mud in your eye
*Barbra[Spoken]:Here's lookin' at you kid
*Catcher[Spoken]:Here! This will put hairs on your chest... Not that I would want that
*Both:Here's to love.

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