Chicken Titz


Oh, chicken titz
Oh, why you are it.

Chicken titz
why you are it.

Was it the gristle that falls from your bones?
or was it the kiss you gave me so long ago?

oh, chicken titz
why you are it.
chicken titz
you know your breast's my favorite bit

take me away to the land of tomorrow
i can't ever stay, it's your car i need to borrow

oh chicken titz
why you are it
chicken titz
give me your car, don't throw a fit

i get to thinkin' we meet at the feet
is it your lovin' or is it your meat?

oh, chicken titz
why you are it.
chicken tits
why you are it

c for your charms
h for your heart
an i for your mind
a c for your chin
a k for your king
e for your everything

and n for never ever ever ever ever leavin'

chicken titz
don't ever leave me...
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