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Mel Furlan

Let's be honest
You're a perfect disaster boy
Cuz when I turn around I start losing my ground

Don't deny what's going on
Come back and make me feel like I'm on ecstasy

What's wrong in making me happy?
I know, you know
I don't use to be like this
It's only with you

When the lights go down I wanna play
So you can get a little bit stronger than you already are
Boy you know that I'm your slave
You taste like danger but I wanna be a part of your heart
And I'm stumbling, I'm feeling you starring, and you beauty is so messy
So c'mon keep on dancing

You'll feel alright
Show me what you can do
Don't need to be so cruel, tonight is forever
Hold me in your arms,
Dance until the night is over
It's like the paradise

It's what it's meant to be

Then put your glasses, shake that bottle and dance

This is what I call love
But I won't tell you 'bout this
Hide the tears, enjoy the night
Until the day I say goodbye (2x)

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