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Meleni Smith

Landlord's knocking at my door
Cussing me out
Got laid off my job
The night before
I can't feel how i'm gonna fix
Tomorrow when yesterday's still a mess

Can you tell me what's the point
When it all seems meaningless?

Wish that i could step away and breathe
This world's trying to swallow me
Clear away the clouds inside my head
Someone just tell me that it's ok now
What are you worrying about?

Got my dreams
Got my life, got my love
Got my friends
Got the sunshine above
Why am i making this hard on myself
When there are
So many beautiful reasons
I have to be happy?

People lie (people lie)
People hide (people hide)
People cry (people cry)
People fight (people fight)
And they don't know why
If fear is all that we should fear
Then what are we so afraid of?
Cause fear is all in our heads
So why do we let it control us?

Fear makes me forget how sweet
The simple things in life really are
Fear makes me believe that i'm alone

Someone just tell me that it's ok now
What are you worrying about?


Any day now i will go mad
Thinking everyone is against me
And the world wants to fight me
Preparing to batle an enemy unseen
Through my stressing
I'm blinded to the lessons
That could be a blessing
Iif i be confessin
That the enemy i'm trying
To beat is hiding inside of me
But it's ok now
What am i worrying about?

(chorus 2x)

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