Here Is My Heart

Melissa Otto

Okay so you came along
Inspired me to write a couple of songs
Okay so your presence attracted me like gravity
Okay so you loved me and changed my world eternally
Well it’s much more than okay dearest friend forever stay

Here is my hand my heart my all
Here is a risk but to me you’re worth more
You are the only one
My companion my love
Most precious gift of God

Dearest of friends
I am excited to share
Everything that life has to give to us
And eternity it couldn’t be long enough I’m sure
To know you to love you
To hold your hand and explore

Where you go let me go
Where you dwell let me dwell with you
May nothing but death separate you and me
May our love grow through all eternity

I’ll love you forever
I’ll love you til forever
I’ll love you forever my love
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