She's So Nice

Mellow Mood

She's so nice and she a gwaan get me out of control
Yeh she wanna know how long
Can me stand before me fall
She mek me mind get mad
And me heart nah go badda

She's so nice, unno cyaan say no,
We spend a likkle time and i would never let her go
Hey look inna her heart and she open all the doors
'cause it a go so it a go so i'm not insecure
But she cry for a while caw she miss me so
And she nah waan nobody else but me a likkle more
Me go pon top a di hills and she name me a go shout
'cause "beautiful, beautiful" dat's my thought so
Life with nobody is not life unno expect
Some man de pon de street
Alone a smoke cigarettes
But first yuh affi give yourself a big respect
Di one weh nah care about di first weh a go flat

Uh she call me, uh she waan me,
Uh she waan me at all
I never tek her for granted
'cause one day she could head for the door
All di girls dem smell like a rose
But she doesn't need no pose
She bloom as di flowers
And tek me for hours deh into her world
She smell like a rose and she sing like the birds
Me know how things a gwaan
When she gonna say those words
Every breath seh come out a her mouth
A go mash me down
Mek me jump and twist
Till me really touch the ground

She's the top
No contest, no race and no competition
All de woman try fi do like her
But she style is so pure
When she walk de pon di street
Every man say "wow"
She swim like the fishes and she fly like a hawk
Dis girl she drive me crazy like no woman before
Well me think seh if a real love it a go long
Ain't no distance ain't no jealousy
Seh we cyaan stand
Dry girl me say dry those tears
If me deyah by your side we mos affi dry those tears
Inna no eyes, inna no room,
Inna no backyard those tears
Laugh and dem a pass deh
From your face deh to your feet
Dem go throughout the rivers
And galang deh to the sea
Let me see yuh smiling yes indeed
Inna no trend, inna no style,
Inna no standard, inna no file
Inna no fashion weh di generation follow lang time
Not even a million sign can describe weh me find
When she de pon me mind

She mek it harder,
Me know seh dis girl she mek it harder
'cause she a murderer,
Yuh know seh dis girl well she's a murderer
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