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Stolen Memory


Stolen memory

My life is ending
And now I am here
Sat down in the street
With those stars
Without any help
I look around
And now I'm here
Razed to the ground

I don't now what to do
I try to seek the answer for the end
The lights is off
I feel every shaking
I will keep on waiting
'Cause angels pick me up
Trying to take me from the black hole
Take me to another place

I felt in under my on skin
But I don't have what to do
Maybe I will survive
Like a film in the memory
Peaces of my history
I remember all the time
My shed blood cried by nobody
Someone tortures me at all,
She doesn't want me
Oh, my God!


Now that I'm here
Sat down in the street
Waiting to die
Looking at the stars
Searching all my
Stolen memory
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