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Well Done


Well done

You think you're the most important in the world
You think everybody needs you
Maybe you are
But not to think at all
Someday not far
You're gonna kill us all

Well done for you, that's a shame there were lots of deaths
Well done for you, change the billion and live in peace
Well done for you, we're living in a world of fools
Well done for you, you deserve not to let us free

Tell me now the truth
For so much money
You've got the power
But no reasons
To feel so happy
But not to think at all
America for the Americans
What a lie!
Scream and phobia in front your eyes


Have you seen a winner in the war?
No, no, no
Have you seen a soldier laughing?
No, no, no
Only people screaming and dying
That's no fair

Why don't you try to kill your mum 'n daddy instead of innocents
Gonna hell!!!
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