Last Remembrance


You're lost and lonely in this road that leads to nowhere
Since the last time you said to me you were trying to do your
When we were walking through this large and open way that comes
I just tried to tell you that you were going in a wrong way

Oh! Like a rose, you have come to me and said that you were
Oh! Last remembrance, till the day I try to find myself,
Your heart is bleeding and all that I can feel in this way
Through life…

In your life, you had a lot of ways to change yourself
To show the world you're not somebody else
To know I'm always by your side

And now? Would you try to bring our happiness again?
And try to leave the love lost - it's in vain!
We have to break another chain

In the future, remember all the things you said and done
So that I guess you might understand
Why you didn't take part in my plans

I was searching all my life and love I lost the night before
When we spent our lives and days, now we can't live it anymore
Try to follow what I'm saying and you will se the light
Just forget about the good and bad times, it's fading away
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