Dum Da Dum

Melodie MC

*Dum Dam Da Dum...
That's the way you got to go
So put your hands in the air when I say so

As the rhythm goes tom, tom, tom, ta, tom, tim
I got to go, I got to step, I got to swing
So come along, come along we got it going on
No we never stop,
we never stop until the break of dawn
And by the way I got to say
I never do a job unless I know
I'm gonna get paid
That's why I stick to the cash flow
So when I got to go I always go with a hooo!!!
So coem and get some,
come and come and get some
But don't try to bite
because you know that I got a gun
So don't you ever try to fool me
'Cause if you try to fool me
get away is not that easy
But anyway I got to step on it
Got to, got to, go, got to, get, got to go for it
Like a bird in a tree fly easy
Catch the rhythm is the cause of the Melodie


Now bring that beat back, bring that beat back
The tom, tidi, tidi, tom Sidelake Drum pack
Left, right, left, right stereo
So come on everybody get ready
'cause here we go
Straight into yes, the Melodie
Come, come and get some,
come, come follow me
Step by step by, move by move
And then you just dance to the groove
Like 1, 2, 3, yes in the palace to be
Ready for action, down with the SLP
And new school leader of a dope crowd
Stand tall and proud
And if you like it, scream loud
Yaeeee!!! That' sthe way it comes
Me on the microphone,
Statikk on the funky drums
With my cause and my question
Try to catch the rhythm so give me a suggestion


Feel the groove and let the rhythm flow
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