Ocean of Tears


All my dreams living on the ocean.
And my soul fight against the emotions (of this seas)
The wind the waves of sorrows around me.
I'm trying to swim against the tide

But more and more the wind pushes me back
The more I struggle with the storm
The more I drown.

Pain Inside me
My dreams are chained

I know I´m living on the edge
My soul needs to breath
Consequences of a life without limits
They lied to me about freedom
I look upward, trying to comprehend
More deeply in my heart
Deeply inside of me
Where Will the answer be to the disillusions of this life

God show me the path
If you are, give me one more chance
God show me the path
If you are, forgive me.

I see, I see the light at the end of this torment
A wonderful place
Where I can leave behind all guilt
I see, I see my bones, my flesh, and soul are renewed
He gives an opportunity
To live forever, and distant from my past of fear

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