One Horse


Glacial garden
You've made a mess out of me
I liked you better as a packet of seeds

Pruned your fingers
Wove your arms through the fence
Now you're choking everything...

Green-thumbed mystic
You made a fool out of me
I liked you better when your advice came for free

Two dreams i've journaled
Toxins i've cleansed
Vines are clinging desperately...

Hiding spirits in the cupboard
You always drank alone
You were a one horse town...

Sister sobbing in the kitchen
For you to stick around
You were a one horse town...

Boulder canyon
You made a son out of me
I had a mother who swam in your streams

I know the ending
Yet i'm faking suspense
More fertilizer for the trees

For the trees...

(from dust to dust
Roots will pass through us)
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