Mick Fleetwood

To be the last to leave...
The last to be gone
Stolen from the ones
Who held onto him
To be the last in line
>From the ones that live on
Silhouette of a dream
treasured by the ones
who held on to him

Almost a breakdown
Of our love affair...
the stiletto cuts quick
Like a whip thru the air
Long distance winners
Will we survive the flight
Not one of us runs
from the firelight
And I would love to believe
I believe what you say
But in the drama of the moment
Oh well there is no easy way
No-one ever leaves
everyone stays close 'til the fire fades

To be the last to leave
Well, what caused the fearsome
divorce in the night
When there was no competition
Well to survive, do it right
and you can believe in the five
to survive the distance
Everyone fights...everyone fights....
and the fire flies

Well what happened to my feelings....
there were angry words in the night
Some call it our nightmare
My five fireflies
Oh like a sailing ship...
but not one of us runs..
OOooohhh -why...

It's our love affair
It cuts like a whip thru the air
And I would love to believe
To believe what you say

It's ok..........
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