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To Make My Father Proud

Michael Jackson

To make my father proud
To make my mother smile
I need not conquered worlds, or fame,
Not set, the pace for style

If I can follow through
on, what they gave me as my tools,
I'll find a way to sail my course
Avoiding ships of fools

If I don't come up, number one
I'll stand not well apart
As one for numbered numbers
When knowing in my heart

Ive done all to be done
To always do my best
By listening to me, myself
So he can do the rest
(Love without compromise,
Shall flower the seed of constant care)

In my eleven hour
I'll be a man the way
To face whatever falls my way
Prepared and unashamed
To just be called a part of God

For which I have been named
A man and a woman's youngest son
while growing, still a child
And that will make my father proud
And make my mother smile...
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