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Groove Of Midnight

Michael Jackson

(Siedah Garrett)

Baby love me all time,
Cruel the cry all on now
I'll be with you,
I will show you every star

To the sound on sweet on earth.
I will live on in your touch.
I feel music,
In the plea a very time.

Cause baby
I can feel the rhythm
Rock tonight.
Just for me and you.
Gotta lock into the love key.
Baby, come on to the groove of midnight.
Very more one, sweet desire.
Come on moon, by moonlight
I'm a plan will love
We live high top town.

By the gloom came to light
We can't stop the higher time.
For a moment
Came last forever more.

I need you in the touch
Want to keep sight we love
That's the pressure
We are the sick of fight


Cause bay
I can feel the rhythm
Rock tonight
All time on stopped
Give in to emotion
Time of my life

The last night time sound
Welcome to the groove of midnight
More one, sweet desire
For the moon, moon, moon, moon, moonlight
I'm a plan will love
We live high top town.
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