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Be True To Yourself

Michael Kiske

I came down
But my head went up
I had no doubts
And hope there was not

Break it loose
Spread the news
Get it loud
Make it loud
Sing it!

I got it comin´ there is nothing that can stop me
I feel it comin´ there´s no limit to the free me
The sky is open and the angels sing it so clear

Be true to yourself!

I have found
I once was lost
I came round
To see what it costs

Kick it up
To the top
There´s a lot
Hear it!

Don´t wanna look back, got to start tosee the future
Don´t wanna hold back got to let it out and to ya
The bomb is ticking, I know it´s gonna blow up
Right now there´s nothing, no one,
nowhere that can make it stop!

Be true to yourself!
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