I Was Born In The 90's

Mickey Gang


i was born in the 90s and asked my mom
"why did i came so late?"
cause all my friends born in 80s
and i'm still lost in 90s
oh my god, something isn't ok

when i go to the club
waiting dj play jlo
the only thing i hear is another devo song
i wish spice girls were younger
so they could save the world
i was born in the 90s

(91 or 92 or 93 or 94)
we were all born silly guys
now all we think is about fuck

(id say i love prince if you stay
come and wash my purple rain)
i still love my walkman
cause these ipods are only trends

come to my house
spend the afternoon watching friends
then we could go my room
do the macarena dance
cant touch this?
cant touch this?
dont go on baby cause its not working
im horny but im not a slut
i was born in the 90s

save my posters of backstreet boys
my nintendo and lion king box
hold on mother i'm coming home tonight
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