A Chance For You And Me

Mickey Harte

I see, the fire that you talk
I hear the words, and know how they shock me

We could get a room, talk it through
Find out what I mean to you
And if it's true
Maybe there's a chance for me and you

I know you hear what I say
I know you never see it that way

We've Got The World (K. MolloyM. Brannigan)

She stands under moonlight
She touches her hair
Her smile lights emotion
Her love fills the air

And I know you're my every tomorrow
And I know that you'll always be there

We've got the world tonight
Let's hold on together
And we've got a love that's right
So open your heart
We've got tonight

We move even closer
With hope in our eyes
Cos love is the answer
To the hurt and the lies

Ask me why?
The sun and the moon go round
Ask me why?
My feet never touch the ground
Tell the truth
You take my breath away
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