Triangle Love


Every kiss is stolen
Each and every time his back is turned
Our silence is golden
And virtue becomes a blur

'Cause he loves you, he's my best friend
But you love me
You're just stuck in between this
Tri-tri-triangle love
Yes, you are

And we just keep dancin' on the edge of a sharpened blade
To me and mrs. Jones, as if it was sweet
Color me guilty, my mind's filthy
You keep tradin' my conscience to copulate

But every time, it feels like faith
Oh, my, I know you're tired of tip-toeing around the truth, woman
Pillow talk, pillow talk
Every night, here we are

Your phone rings, you take the call
(Hey, where you at? I been tryna get ahold you)
And I'm a mess when you go, oh, it's

Tri-tri-triangle love, yeah
Oh, and it's such a façade
Tri-tri-triangle love (tri-triangle love) (why not?)
There she goes

Ooh, woah (do you wish we did?)
(Just tell me the truth)
(Yes, we did it here)
Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh (where?)

(On this?)
Ooh, tri— (tri-tri-triangle love) (we had our first fuck on this)
Triangle love, baby, oh, yes (did you think of me?)
Ooh, you're such a façade
Tri-tri-triangle love (yeah, baby)
(When did you do it here?)

Oh, lord, oh (answer the question)
Ooh-oh (this evening)
Oh-oh, oh-oh (did you come?)

Yeah (why are you doing this?)
Yeah, yeah ('cause I want to know)
Yeah (yes, I came) (how many times?)

Yeah (twice)
Hey, yeah (how?)
(First he went down on me and then we fucked)
Ayy-ayy-ayy-ayy (who was where?)

I was on top and then he fucked me from behind
And that's when you came the second time?
Why is this, like, so important?

Because I'm a fucking caveman
Did you touch yourself while he fucked you? Yes
You wank for him? Sometimes

And he does? We do everything that people who have sex do
You enjoy sucking him off? Yes
You like his cock? I love it
You like him coming in your face? Yeah

What does it taste like? It tastes like you but sweeter
That's the spirit, thank you
Thank you for your honesty
Now fuck off and die
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