Permanent Holiday

Mike Love

Lord, I’m on a Permanent Holiday I’m goin outside to play
I ain’t gonna slave away
Not for no corporate Babylon
I’m never gonna be a pawn in their manipulation games
I’m taking the reigns, breaking the chains, I’m never gonna kneel, no way
My prophet is heaven sent
No preacher or president gonna lead I astray

I’m taking Jah highway home
I’ve got my own path to follow
Don’t know if you’ll overstand , I’ve got my own truth to swallow
And if I could you know I would throw my guitar on my back
Pick up the slack and leave here tomorrow
But I know that I’m
A pawn of Babylon, I got to face the facts, embrace the axe
And cut these chains of my sorrow

10,000 years of captivity, we must eventually open up our eyes and see
They’re manipulating we
With so much uncertainty and so many mysteries
Why are so few questioning the unnatural state of things
It’s a nightmare, we’re living in a nightmare, everyone’s living so scared
They’re virtually unaware of this fear that rules their lives, occupies, consumes their
This fear of bankruptcy, financial impotency
It’s money, money, money
It’s all this digital currency

It’s all this monopoly money that keeps us from ever being free
And so it seems we’ll be in this prison for life
Cause If we keep buying then they’ll keep selling the lies
And so it’s up to I & I
I won’t be manipulated, mind-controlled and inundated
I will seek the revelation, make my life a celebration
I’m gonna be the change I’m seeking, manifest the words I’m speaking
I refuse to be imprisoned I will make my own decisions

I’ll never go astray no
I’m leaving the past and forwarding fast cause freedom is here to stay
We got to take back the knowledge, take back the power
Take back what they have stolen from our hearts
Take back the esoteric knowledge, for too long they’ve been keeping us apart
We got to take back the knowledge, take back the power
Humanity don’t let this be our final hour
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