The Devil in Miss Jones

Mike Ness

The days of wine and roses
Were a long time ago
The proms, teenage cruisin'
And the picture show
You tried so hard
To fix your outsides
Until you realized that I took
Everything dear inside

Give me your heart
Give me your soul
I'll take you when you're young
The devil in Miss Jones

Your daddy had a funny way
Of showing you his love
It's a shame you've hid well
From the Lord up above
There's something inside
That burns like a fire
And you realize you've been blessed
With a wild desire

Repeat Chorus

Your parochial background
Vanished in the wind
Perhaps a pornographic future
And a million dollar friend
You tried so hard to always be the one
You're loved by all men, but respected by none

Repeat Chorus

I'll take you when you're young
And I'll leave you when you're old
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