Amy Sue

Mister Monster

Oh Amy, where have you gone?
I'll fix what I've Done wrong
Oh Amy, I pray that you'll stay
So I could see your face everyday

Oh Amy, I miss your kiss
Your soft hair and your lips
Oh Amy, I miss your skin
Your hands, your face, and your eyes
They were all mine
Once They Were All Mine

My running tears, your pretty eyes
I've never loved a girl like you, all of my life
My open arms, your freezing heart
What'd I Do to deserve this?
'Cause it's tearing me all apart

I'll Shield Your Ears, From the Storm
You'll Never Have to Be Scared of Thunder Anymore
Cause Ill be Here, Right By Your Side
And I Pray That We Feel the Same Coffin Wood
The Day We Die, Amy

Oh Amy, now that we're through
I won't stop loving you
Oh Amy, and now that you're gone
I won't be able to go on

I knew whenever we'd fight
It would rain so hard that night
When all the tears have run through
You'll still have my heart to cry to
But I felt so cold and lonely
When you said you don't love me
I can't live without
I can't live without my Amy
Amy Sue, oh I love you
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