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She is Brighter

Mitch Hansen Band

Diamonds come and diamonds go
There's one thing I'm sure I know
She will last forever
Her past is sketchy, but that's alright
Just try to ruin her delight
Its a difficult endeavor

She doesn't walk, she's always prancing
Only when she isn't dancing

You don't even know the things she can see
It'd be clearer if you made up your mind
Any chance she gets she'll throw a party
As ostentatious as you'll ever find
Share your woes she'll make them lighter
The future's bright, but she is brighter

She's not trapped inWonderland
Its not hard to understand
They're more than premonitions
I'm not waiting for news reports
Forecasts are a last resort
What a wonderful condition

When she zones out, its time for you to zone in
'Cause something big is going down
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