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Just For You

M Jack

Could I borrow your shoulders
To spend the rest of my life on them?
I should leave behind all my troubles
Just to take a chance to get in
Into your dreams, I was wondering if I
Could spend my life by your side
And guess what is lacking wonder in my life
And maybe I could be aided by you

Maybe it's just a dream
But I wanna make it true
With You

Don't care what the world thinks
Don't care where my mind is
You know that I'm crazy
But crazy for you
Don't care about meanings
Just care about feelings
Cause if I'm living
The reason is you
Because you are everything I've dreamed about
Out of everyone in this world I want you

Baby if I were your feelings
I would really make you believe
In my tips about our happiness
Besides I'd let the world in your hands
I'm sorry about my mistakes but
I promise to do better this time
Cause I found a place beyond the stars
And if you want I'll show it to you

I'll be standing there just waiting
I'll be waiting there for you
Just for You
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