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He's been told that he can't do wrong to a lonely child that
cries in his
song to understand the mans depravation but to him an
He came in, the child turned its head and its a sin how his eyes
looked all dead then.
What he saw, the fear on his face could wait no more.
Heart-stabbed and disgraced

Double crossed

That's a double cross, backstabbin? doublecross, heart stabbin?
his pain and his loss

In his eyes was the recognition of a nasty face whose hurt and
mission has
fucked a life of bodily prison.
It's consequence of a sick mans vision...he
Made a move, the gun went off and he changed the mood into blood
coloured madness.
All he saw was the shadow of a grown man n? flesh was raw as he
fell down again.


All he ever wanted to be was that man
Did he ever stand up and see for himself
Never wanted that intimacy, nor that fear
If he would only reach out to me I'd show him life

And that I can't stand you make me sick

Have you seen the tears that the boy cries
Have you seen the pain that he wears inside

So alive, the pain ensures that he really feels like a part of
the damned.
Such a bitch, joy and smile are long gone, its just hate in
small child rape land...he's
All locked up in a room with his devil it's all fucked up.
He's going down in pure revenge, so he saw how his best friend
helped him
study and the score: justice done, a dead body

Wont you wait for him, wont you wait for him
They took all he had, what's left is all in his head.

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