Under Your Skin


All through my days
I have been coming up with ways to make you mine
Even my hands
They have been coming up with plans to take their time

Though I know better
I cannot turn this hope around
I’m barefoot on your path
The Moon upon my back

I’ll find a way closer to this, closer to this
With my best interest
Snagging the hem of my dress

Again, again, again and again

All through my days
My thoughts slip off through your doorways
Drawing the shades of the rooms where you lay

I’ll find a way under your skin, under your skin
I’ll find a way, I know that I will

Again, again, again and again

Far away
Off where the trains drag their thunder
I cannot seem to push this under
Or pull up the wish from the well
Or disarray the spell
Or dilute the truth
That I am on to you
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