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June Fourth 1989: From The Shattered Pieces Of a Stone It Begins


This place begins to cave
These are a madman’s days
A trembling land must play a murderer’s game
The blind man’s flickering eyes
A flame as black as night
The unborn children die before me now

But from the soldier’s broken bones
From the mothers’ silent song
From the pieces of a shattered stone it starts

We learn and then forget
The screams and silhouettes
In time you’ll find we’ll make the same mistakes
So ruins are reborn
An ever blood-red dawn
The palm-lines turn to cracks beneath our feet

But from the silence of the tombs
From the broken, barren wombs
From the pieces of a shattered stone it starts
From the parted lovers’ lips
From the nailless fingertips
From the whispers of a silenced voice it starts

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