Song For You

Mongol 800

The sky is so angry.
People were doing again, weren't they?
"What's up sons of adam"
Please don't repeat the fuckin' same mistakes.
"Don't eat fuckin' forbidden fruit."
Please guy's don't sing fuckin' government song.
"Let's sing a song of the blue hearts"
Let's boys keep on looking on the sunny side.
"Let's slip on a banana peel"

Open your mind. Open your eyes.
Love yourself. Song for you.
How many boys be killed by fuckin' wars.
Every fuckin' stupid, stop it stop that now.
Don't cry no more. After rain comes sunshine.
I'm sure that we will be so happy.
Anything anything everything song for you.
Your loving smile, loving words.
I wanna close to your love.
Anything anything everything song for you.
Forever green. Forever blue.
Never end love and peace and song
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