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The World's Best Dreamers

Moon Safari

Time and meaning never seem to flow as one,
What holy was to yesterday has sunken down

Without it's crown, and oddly without sound,
Your golden calf in the hudson drowned,
Ten times a whiteout of the mind, now we're
The world's best dreamers.

It might just be that we're all going nowhere fast
But even so i would not trade a single day

I'm skating off, with a sad-looking grin,
Remember me as you remember a dream;
Ever fleeting in flickering lights,
Like a memory fading slow when the day comes

And takes us back to playgrounds
Full of rolling stones, to the mountain village
When we'd rest our bones

And gently dream, like children of the sun,
On easy street, where all life has begun,
When fun and games were all we had, before
The world deceived us

Some might say that were stuck in the past,
But somehow there's never truth in their eyes
Just stand aside, cause we're off to blue
We're on our way to the wild me and you
If you listen close you can hear our
Hearts beat loud with the sound of a dream

Hold on brother, sleep well; our love is falling over
You young soldier, be strong
We'll be watching over you, young sister

Come home lover, come home soldier,
Weaving the dreams for you
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