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A Silent Dream Of Impurity


His eyes look so soft and clear
And white are his clothes
A creature, chosen to dwell above the clouds
Imprisoned in a garden of holyness
A sleeping angel
Malicious thoughts aren't welcome here
And a white spell of peace reigns over it

But a might insidious and dark
Is willing to desecrate the holy ban
With a black magic it's creating a dark shadow
And this shadow, full of evil, is trembling beyond the holy garden

Slowly it's entering the aura of the sleeping holy one
And he awakes, coz of a morbid feeling
He did never felt such a power
Did never felt such a lust

A wall of darkness is surrounding him
And the softness in his eyes is lost
He's entering the traitorous shadow again
And still more malice replaces his faith
The truth did kiss his blinded mind
Now he knows that there is a might, stronger than Heaven
And his eyes are turning black

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