Among Others


Lurking in the darkness
The force taking form
Abomination beyond belief...
The hatred is mighty
Our saviour is born
The purest evil released...

The past repulsating
We harvest the seed
Fed with our anger and greed...
The quest for salvation
We no longer need
Our corpses forever are free...

Rise among others
See him burn
But no one bothers
From mistakes we learn

Seeking the shadows
To hide from it all
An outspoken curse
Together we starve

When the dark one is born
The silence will arise
We are all living in the shell
Of ourselves
Your darkest thoughts
Will come out in wrath
Forced out like a soul
That flies and fleets above

They try to find an easy way
Can't you see the day will pay
The chain of pain and death will stop
The loosely minded brain will rot

You are released when you are dead
If you can't go you will be lead
You are one among others that think the same
To live on this earth it is a shame

Among others - we live in pain, among others
Among others - day by day, among others
Among others - we lay to rest, among others
Among others - we kill the world, among others
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