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Floating thouhts
Like drifting clouds
Empty eyes
Like deep dark nights
Thoughts of sorrow
Thoughts of lost
Returning memories
Drowning my mind

Once they walked with me
And shared my hopes and dreams
My laughs, my cries
They are now far away
Living in an endless paradise
They created an empty place
Waiting to be filled

And I try to fill that empty
Place in my heart
I'm trying and trying
To ease my mind
My dreams, my wishes,
My longing, desire
They torture my thoughts
Day and night, and not by sight
They are somewhere
Will I ever see them again
Once in time

Tears falling down,
I follow them falling
Until they fade away
Like my loved ones
I have much to tell
I have much to show
I have much to give

Tears falling down
They leave behind emptiness
Tears created fears
Drowning my mind
I still feel that aching loss

A place inside my heart is empty
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