Stardog Champion

Mother Love Bone

San Francisco
Where the flowers bloom in spring
I said fade to winter
And see what disease brings
With his eyes like a shinning sea
I said he's half a shadow
God don't let that be me

I'm a stardog champion

West Virginia
That where my father lies
He was a war time hero
The kind that money buys
Diamond bracelet
For my mommy's memory
I said that's all she wrote for
That's all she wrote for me

I'm just a stardog champion
I'm a stardog champion
I'm a stardog

That's right
And the children they used to sing of love
With the grace from the lord above
I said the children
They used to sing out loud
Sing it loud, good god

I'm a stardog champion
I'm a stardog champion

I'm a stardog, baby
And I ain't gonna let you down
Ain't gonna let you down
I'll never let you down
Let the children sing
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