Moving Mountains

(and we will fall back into the ocean)

the mountain tops are hard to see
they tell how far you really are from me
the clouds are thick, but they can't hide you
they can't hide you from me
some things are
some things are here to kill me
can you feel it now,
we're burning up
amongst your flames
amongst your love
our life

(I am in the earth it's where you'll find me
you, you're in the sky
it's where you'll find me. oooh)

you, you're like the sun
and i am earth
together we're one
but someday
your fire will die
and i'll grow cold
without sunlight.
and i will freeze baby
i will die
i would freeze and i'd die for you

one thing I know you didn't know, was how to
fall head first,
hand-in-hand into the ocean blue
we count down,
take a breath and jump,
we're falling
you'll scream, "baby, we're simply growing"
(you're in the sky)
i think maybe, i wouldn't mind to die like this

I may not say everything that's on my mind
I am in the earth, it's where you'll find me
you're in the sky
fall from you

don't fret, baby, we're simply growing
and my darling, i wouldn't mind to die like this
don't fret, baby, we're simply growing.
don't fret, babe, the sun is coming.
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