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Cellar Doors, Donnie!

Mozart Season

Rooftop crowns come crashing down
I can feel the wind under my skin
(cellar doors, said i'd sell her, sell her doors)
(sell her doors, said i'd sell her cellar doors)
You've got 28 days to figure me out, you know,
Doctor, this is one game you'll never win
(dont wanna sell her doors, stick it to me, teacher!)
(show me the cellar door, show it to me doctor!)
Fear is nothing but god's way of
Telling you he really doesn't care if you sin

Tell mother
My eyes are still burning
'cuz my ticket to heaven just now
Put a texas hole in that hell on earth you call a home!

It feels good to know the weight of the world
Is light enough for the palm of my hand
Is it me? or am i stronger than yesterday's hero?
Take it, take it, take it from me

Hope falls
Late night calls
This is the last thing left to do
Bumper relays on freeways
I'll run the rest of the way to
Your bedroom
And our doom
Your lips have never looked this red
So kiss me
Or kill me
Mascara stains our last night's bed

Would you mind stripping off your rabbit suit??
Bad habits, too!
It's all i need to breathe!
Cuz frankly, frank,
I would mind taking up a chance or two
On someone other than you
Who's good enough for me!

(i've got 8 doorknobs for 7 doors)
(i'm still 6 feet deep still 5 foot 4)
(and there were three words you forgot to say)
(but its never too late)
You're just a two step away

And now i'm one step closer to death

So tell frank not to take the corner too sharp
Cuz i dont wanna have to cheat the death chart

28 days, 6 whole hours
Give me 42 minutes
And 24 heartbeats set me free...
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