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When I Look Into Your Eyes

Mr Ego

When i looked into your eyes
I felt something i had never felt in my hole life
It was like if i was born again
I felt my heart beat stronger
Let's walk together today and forever
Through the ways taht all take us to our dreams
Let's stop everything from holdin' us back
All our dreams will come true never say goodbaye, our
Destiny has already been written
Now we need to reach it at any price
I'd do anything for you

When i looked into your eyes
I found my reason to live
Look at the sky and see the stars
Shining the way of our dreams

Feel the harmony around us todat i know what's the
Meaning of living
I hope you live forever be my side
Our hearts are united together forever
Anuthing can split us apart
Give me your hands
And let's walk together
'Till top of the world
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