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Jade's A Champ

Ms. Jade

Big dreams and hurt feelings call me jade the champ
I put the weight on my shoulders where others b****es slack
Who else u know can breath life into a murder track?
I done seen what ya'll can do - never mind that
Like the old mix wit' new like - a philly throwback
Take ya best shots, i promise i'm a throw back
We can take it back to the days of the cadillac
Jumps out and handle that, heat melt ya candle wax
Maybes and matter facts, ms. jade's the f***ing champ
Play the low and kill u softly like roberta flack
And then they, and then they mad cause i'm statin' facts
And then they, and then they hate when i cock the cap
That old nursery-rhymin' this s*** aint about that
My flow a mix between 180 proof and 6 packs
Spit circles around you, see if u can get back
Before you jump, best know exactly who u gettin at!

Hook-- champion! wish that people call my name (jade the champ)4x

Ho, ho this thing is real. u can play it back
They said i couldn't do it know look at me "jade the champ"
A lot of squads is out but tim, he got the sicker camp
And we aint worried at all cause ya'll pretty whack
I been bendin' and crackin' tracks call me jade the champ
Seein' coming eyes and back, blaze up a 20 sack
Ya'll need team participation, what's really up wit dat?
And so they, and so they grill when u gettin stacks
But they don't know s*** until it's sittin' in they lap
Can handle it in more ways make em holla back
And the ring wit the ding ding make me twist ya cap
You fools is sellin' ya sold for a little plaque
Lets take it back to da hood where niggaz is shootin' craps
And everybody rappin, we aint do it for da stacks
I bet they really really pissed cause they knowin' that
The robe is creased and steamed and it's nicely packed
Clubs in the backpack.
Lights off, that's that
Who am i? "jade the champ" 5x


Oh, oh its kind of hard being "jade the champ!"
But i'm a do exactly what them losers said i cant
Gotta stay on my toes and i aint afraid of that
You niggaz pimp on - i'll leave u where u gators at
This is for every person that i owe, i'm payin' back
And every nigga turn groupie, i know ya'll heard of that
People that smiled in my face and talked behind my back
For every dream that got lost i promise i'm winnin' back
To all my people that's locked we gon' bonce back
And all the babies in da hood, gotta announce that
I cant give up, i won't give up, i crown myself the champ
So i don't think ya'll wanna see me when i'm really amped
Aint no stoppin' me i'm a long way from breakin' man
I'm ms. jade 'bout to show you how to take a chance
Corner full of rappers show you how to take a man
A sqaud full of thugs show you how to break a man
Niggaz we're full of pride show you how to make em dance
They cant stand to walk in my shoes and my favorite pants
Before you try know exactly who gettin at! "jade the champ!"

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