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Back That Thang Up (feat. Mr. Sancho)

Ms. Sancha

I wanna rock right now my names Sancha and I come to get down i'm not universally
Know but im known to rock the microphone bet you no trick put it down like me an
Insane chicka throwin up S.D, L.P.G one, two, three that's how many hynas that I
Brought with me. Together we're four when we step out the door everybody lookin
With there mouths to the floor we hit the dance floor movin so exotic you gave me
Your number but I think I forgot it im so wild "n" im so crazy a sexy ruca that can
Work it baby we can do it nasty and gangsta put it on me loco cuz I know you aint a
Wanksta I usually get paid for my hits but get one cash takin it from you tricks

Sancha don't play I thought you knew A bad little vato represent from my crew
Gangsta's don't dance gangsta's boogie i'm so damn sweat should've been Ms
Cookie I like my toys I play with boys i'm a freak behind doors make alota noise give
It to me fast and give it to me slow picture this hump up and down the pole while we
Stop we cruzin on the par hot latinas don't you wanna ride im a thugged out mami in
A sexy skirt I love tequilla and I like to flirt move your body to the beat let me hear
This in the club get out your seat nice tight body call me Sancha and I don't give a
Damn I could do what I wan ta.

13 spinning on arag impola LPG makin more than dollars can't mess with me Im a
Gangsta chick with a nine millimeter and an extra clip put your hands up to the sky
Expecially if your drunk or if your high I'll only do bonners don't ask me why for you
Broke little vatos I ain't got time
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