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What rappers you know,
that can get on an up tempo 120 mayne,
and still gas it.
This a whole 'notha mayne
a whole 'notha page of the game
MSTRKRFT, what is it THO?
this ya partner 4-0 man.

Got a pocket full of stones,
hit me on my beeper,
I mean my metro phone

In the kitchen with a chiken
The block, the curb, the turf, booty flickin', (flea flickin')

Grown folks call me mister,
everybody wants to take a picture with a fixture(click click)

Little homies make it hot, don't call me 40 watter,
Call me Guan in my sock

I'm a real tycoon,
ex d-boy prolly know me on the moon

It's a whole 'notha segment,
the episode where my wallets gets pregnant

Ching, go ahead pump yo breaks,
We don't smoke shake,
we only smoke grape

And i'm still with this shit.
Everybody love how i pumo my spit.
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