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Hello, hello, I'm just an animal
And I don't feel no pain
I know, I know, I'll be the last to go
Cuz I don't feel the same

I don't know much, I don't feel touch
I don't need anything; I don't have pride to make me fall
I don't need youth, I don't plead truth
I don't feel like offering; anyway out of here at all

I won't fade away

I don't know want, I don't want that
I just know suffering; there's nothing left behind the wall
And I've been used, I've been abused
I just feel menacing; they tore me up and let me fall

I don't feel no pain
I won't fade away

Hello, hello, I'm just an animal
I'm just an animal
I'm pathological, I'm uncontrollable
Lost in the protocol, I'm just a criminal,
I wanna make you crawl, I'm gonna burn it all
Till there's nothing left to call, your fuck'n animal
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