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I'll Bring You with Me


I still can't see, but I can feel the blood runing through my veins, making me
Little by little, my shape is made, this bloody carcass is my jail
Sometimes I need to scream, but if I did so, nobody would hear
I'm afraid but I wanna escape, I notice nobody cares

I cry with no tears, something strange invades my own
What is this now? Who is the powerful master that can take my life off
I've been smashed by my own strenght

Lead: D�cio

Let me survive, I can already see
I hate everybody who's in the other side
I didn't ask to be born, but I'm suffering
The pain is in my body
I'm weak and cannot continue

Die, who make me all
No, I don't wanna know this madness
Die, bloodly carcass full of hate
No, you bitch, you don't merit me

I wanna die, I'll bring you with me
I'm down now. My body is dying with this poison
Help me with my eternal rest
I feel that you feel fear, I'm happy now. We are dead

Lead: D�cio

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