Day Begun

My Friend Steve

Sundown and we're high for the tenth time today
We get by thanks to patience, just a little disappointed
Far from dumb more blessed than some - boil the water your turn to cook
Wide awake, piece of cake, we're sorry neighbors
Spread it around, get the word out how you got the best of me
It's no easy task I'll give you that but I know when the joke's on me
Thanks for the excuse for all the abuse, you're just what I always needed
A scapegoat for yours truly to call his very own
In comes the sun, day begun whether I want it to or not
I tried to run off bury the past leave it behind but I got caught
The little voice you got that won't stop egging me on

I've done things out of desperation, become gainfully employed
And I took this voice for granted, now it's nearly destroyed
But at least I've got a new bed to just lie on and fade
Maybe it's me who's stupid here for everything I've said

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