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Out Of Stand


Here I am to hear you say
All the things that you had left
Can we change the words we´ve said?

´Cause no rhyme remains the same
If you can´t see outta your head
Just get ready for the game

There´s no more writings on the wall
Telling us what is allowed
You decide your life from now

When you tore down all my dreams
I thought: "I´m carring all my sins"
But I knew what life could bring

I live my days
And I don´t know the time to stay awake
You fool, again
Had been around, It´s pretty much the same
I give my hand
I´m just trying to live like any other man
You blew my world
And now it´s time to keep you out of stand

This is what you´ll get from here
Nothing less than tears and fears
Is that all you ever dreamed?

I can´t go back because inside
Is where I have all my pride
And the tears that we have cried

Just look around you, now you´re all alone
I can live better without you, there is no remorse to go
You keep on hanging on, there is life to come
And it seems to me you´re already gone
Then leave the past behind to let everybody knows...

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