If I Didn't Know Better

Nashville Cast

If I didn’t know better, I’d hang my hat right there
If I didn’t know better, I’d follow you up the stairs

Stop saying those sweet things
You know I’d like to hear
The horns are blowing louder
And the bailiff's drawing near

Why do I keep drinking
Wasting my time on you
If I didn’t know better
Well, dammit, I do

There’s a hole in what you’re saying
I can plainly see
You have a lover that’s waiting, but baby
You’re right here with me

You might as well be the devil
Oh, keeping me out past three
Oh, you’re the one with that apple
So, baby, you can’t blame me

Why don’t you keep drinking
Get me one night with you
If I didn’t know better
Well dammit, I do
You know that I do

Oh, baby, you’re right here with me
Oh, baby, you know I do
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