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Tell me what you believe in,
Wage your values against mine
And tell me i am just some piece of shit
With a fucked up mind
Why can't i just shut the fuck up?

Dead - but you're still breathing
A consumer of the highest rank
I wonder when you're gonna realize
That you are just a product
And you shouldn't shit where you eat!

Never free, never been
Always chained to misery
Always blind to what's beyond
The horizon, you're just a drone.
It is all so sickening
Your wife & kids & family
You don't care 'cause they're all dead
Just like yourself, they keep them fed

Feed you with lies - destroy your minds

Wake-up call, now you stall
So it's their world, not free for all?
Finally you hear the news
A tainted picture, an awful bruise
Confusion - now the bubble bursts
It's time to hit them where it hurts
Destroy the core, melt the machine
Resistance - where it all begins!

Open your eyes - look into mine

Fed you with lies
Destroyed your minds
Open your eyes
Look into mine and realise

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