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Talk With God

Nathalie Makoma

How can I give what I don`t have
How can I love if I don`t have
The love
For you
That you deserve
How can I want what I don`t need
Do I see how your heart bleeds
The one thing that I see
Is that you`re sad and blue
And just like me you are lonely too

I talked with god
Asked him a lot
About the walls that I did not want to keep
20 Million questions
Just one answer
But this one was getting really deep
He said
Don`t fight your feelings
Never fight your feelings
Don`t ever fight your feelings
How can you find the real me
When I show you just the wanna be
The love
I take from you
Is it the love I want to make
With you and only with you

I needed to talk
I asked a lot
And got one answer(got one answer)
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