Love Sucks

Nathan Angelo

It was at that birthday party where I first met her
And I swear it was fate
The sparkle in her eyes, caught me by surprise
I didn't want to give myself away

Three AM rolled around, talked of life's ups and downs
Common dreams, common goals, down the same road
It was perfect or so it seemed
Let me tell you what I mean

She got me going like a puppet on a string
She cut me loose and made me think it ain't no thing
Now, she wonders why we don't hang out as much
Sometimes it's safe to say, Love Sucks

"She's just a friend nothing more" is what I told myself
But then she started my way
Everyday she called my phone, want me for her own
I'm a stupid guy what can I say

Love sucks, when the pieces seem to fit
When you take a swing and miss it
With nothing left to savor
Love sucks, when the hands you hoped to hold
Throw you out in the cold night
And you've become a stranger
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