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Forgetting You

Nathan Angelo

If I had the chance
I would take it
Not a second glance
I'd erase it
Memories of you and I
Locked away in my mind
It hurts so bad and that is why

I'm forgetting the way you moved
The way I felt
I'm forgetting the time we spent
All by ourselves
'Cause it's too late to try to change your mind
And there's nothing else I can do
I'm forgetting you

Every song I hear
Reminds me of you
It's becoming clear
That I ain't over you
Nothin' left of you and I
So take it out of my mind
I let it go and I let it fly

(Forgetting you) I never said it would be easy
(Forgetting you) but there is no other way
(Forgetting you) I don't need another reason
'Cause I know how I can make it through
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