How Could It Be?

Naturally Seven

How could it be?
You would turn your back on me
After all the love we've shared.
How can I say? (How should I say)
It seems like love just sailed away
A lonely heart has got me scared.

When will I know?
If you will stay or choose to go.
The thought alone I've always feared
When will you see?
You're mine and that's no mystery
To play this part I'm unprepared.

Dreaming all day, that your in my arms and here to stay (Yes you are)
Shattered without you, these memories of love,
Won't fade away.

Like a scene that poorly written
I'm a pawn inside the game
Though checkmate seems unavoidable
I keep moving just the same
My heart is broken, though I've spoken
These same words a thousand times
My only comfort is in Jesus
Beyond the hurt and silly rhymes
How could it be?
How could it be?
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